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My journey to cross country nationals got a little more complicated a few weeks ago. I broke my frame.

I was doing an easy ride around the Marshal Mesa trail network in Louisville/Boulder and, while on a smooth section of trail, my seat post just dropped all the way and my butt suddenly came in contact with the rear tire. After what I’m sure was a spectacular crash/save, I picked myself up off the ground to find that my seat post had actually gone through the back of the seat tube, leave a roughly 1 square inch cutout.

I managed to put the post back in the frame and basically road a large kids bike 8 miles home. My knees were not happy about this, but it’s a pretty easy road ride back to Broomfield.

Since then, I have contact Specialized, who will not help because I am the second owner and several carbon repair places, who can not fix the frame due to where the break is located. I appear to have limited options. I plan on again contacting Specialized and hope to plead my case to a higher authority as well as continue to engage carbon repair shops to see what can be done. In the end, I may have to find a way to buy a new bike, but I’ve got several months until I need to make that decision.

I’m devastated, but undeterred. One way or another I will get this sorted and be ready for the “real” mountain bike training to start early next year. For the time being, I’ll focus primarily on base fitness and some skills work on my cross bike.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

In previous entries, I have talked about moving to the world of XTERRA triathlons, which is something I will likely still do at some point, but the world has presented me an opportunity. The national cross country championships will be help 90 minutes from my house in Winter Park, CO. I can’t help, but feel this is a sign from the universe that I need to refocus on XC racing (which I love).

As such, I have identified a tentative new race calendar and made modifications in my life to allow me to get some big volume leading up to the big day. I’m not going to let this opportunity slip by and, while I might not win, I’m going to give those guys a hell of a run for their money. I’m still working out some details, but I’ll hopefully be ready to publish my calendar as well as season goals in the coming week or so. 

Time to go shred some trails!