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SMART-goalsAs with anything you want to get better at in life, it helps to have clear, specific goals in mind.  The gold standard are S.M.A.R.T goals, so I’ll be expanding on them as time goes on, but I think I’m off to a good start!  I’ve broken them down into Physical Goals, things I want to achieve in training, and Racing Goals, things that I want to accomplish during my races.  I have also included a small list of “unofficial” goals, which are things I would like to do both on and off the bike.  These goals probably won’t directly lead me to winning races, but are things that I should know how to do.

Physical Goals

  • Increase FTP to 280 watts by season opening
  • Begin and maintain a strength training program until build phase (June/July)
  • Do light recovery runs once a week until June

Racing Goals

  • Upgrade to Cat 3
  • Be ranked within the top 10% by season end in my category
  • Win a race
  • No DNFs with the exception of mechanicals

In addition to my official goals, I would also like to learn to bunny hop sets of barriers.  This is an extremely high risk/high reward maneuver, but I think that in ideal scenarios, where the barriers have a nice run up and are on flat terrain, (ex. Feedback Cup, Regional Championship), it will be worth it.  At the very least, I would like to have the option.  Hopping barriers isn’t necessarily a key to winning races so I don’t want to make it an official goal.  There are a lot of pros that don’t bunny hop, so it clearly isn’t a necessity.

A final addition to my non official goals is to learn to do most, if not all, of my own mechanical work.  I spend far too much time riding on equipment that isn’t properly tuned or trying to get my bike to a shop that it’s time to learn to do it myself.  I plan to go out and buy a stand either this month or next and begin the process.  There are a few tools I will need as well, so I included them along with the items I most want to learn how to do.

Repair List (In Order of Importance):

  • Adjust Derailleurs (Repair Stand: $150)
  • Rebuild Pedals (Torque Wrench: $70-$100)
  • Replace derailleur cables (Cable Snips: $25)
  • True Wheels (Truing Stand and Spoke Wrenches: $100 + $20)